Kate NV / для FOR / RVNG Intl.

These are sparse electronic compositions which inhabit the same Techno tropicale, virtual Eden, sine wave Shangri-La, as label mates Visible Cloaks. Wassily Kandinsky-inspired sound paintings. Landscapes where nothing behaves quite as you`d expect. Arrangements of utopian vibes, where mechanised marimbas replay Art Of Noise`s Beatbox. Close To The Edit. Where metallic tongues wag in kalimba counterpoint, and the human voice is simply another instrument to be sampled and processed. Auto-tuned and multi-tracked into choirs of Dachstein Angels. Bright and bold echoes of Wally Badarou`s Synclavier symphonies. Lena Platonos` tone pomes set to organ drones. 

An Ai dream of organic. Decidedly synthetic, but its head full of real, if mutated, sheep. Pretty chamber pieces evolving from keys that trumpet and parp. Quiver and vibrate. Wannabe woodblocks, and wind chimes. Binary birdsong. Animal oscillations. Francis Bebey`s Forest Nativity reimagined while watching the seasons change from a Moscow apartment window. Marvelling at the miracle of the everyday. One woman recreating Reich`s Music For 18 Musicians inside her machine. 

*Short film by Shura Kulak

Kate NV`s для FOR was released on Friday (June 22nd). You can order a copy directly from RVNG Intl.

*Live Kate Shilonosova can be something else altogether. 

Reference Links

Visible Cloaks

Wassily Kandinsky

Art Of Noise

Dachstein Angels

Lena Platonos

Francis Bebey`s Forest Nativity

Music For 18 Musicians 

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