Femina / Perlas & Conchas / Kartel Music

Femina are an Argentinian group comprising of sisters, Sofia and Clara Trucco, and school friend Clara Miglioli. They caught the ears of Iggy Pop, who featured them on his BBC6 radio show. The Rock and Roll survivor subsequently collaborating on the trio’s new album Perlas & Conchas, which was produced by Tru Thoughts` Quantic. It was the promise of Iggy that drew me in. Put the promo at the top of my “must listen to” pile. His hard-won wisdom countering the girls` angelic voices on the track, Resist. 

There are RnB beats, and Cumbia bashing. Brass, and big bottom ends. 4 / 4s informed by House. Keys dancing in gentle Trance shapes. Synthesized sequences make like harp glissando. In duet with the strings of a Bolivian ronrocco. A sax blowing tropical (Aficionados might want to file this next to Penelope Antena). Raps are delivered with sexily rolled vowels, but the set is dominated and defined by those female harmonies. For all its modernity, the standout for me, Agradezco, has a 60s feel. Aretha`s One Step Ahead. The Shangri-Las Remember (Walking On The Sand). 

Femina`s Perlas & Conchas is released on April 5th, preceded by a new single, Plumas, out this Friday.

You can pre-order a copies the album here.

**Does anyone know of any available ronrocco recordings? I’ve only just discovered this beautiful instrument and need to hear more.

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