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Alessandro Pasini`s passion for House began in 1988. Listening to the radio in his home-town in the province of Italy`s Forli-Cesena. Pumping bootlegged cassettes of the DJs of the golden age of the Riviera Adriatica. Mixes which put tunes from the Pop charts next to those from the deepest underground. Without the uptight, political, subbing of genres. As Ale says “it was just music, and it`s still just music.”

In 2007, in honour of the year when it all began Ale called his own musical project, Deep88. He started 12Records in 2010 and Juice in 2014. Primarily as outlets for his own productions. After a long hot summer in the States, he currently resides in Berlin.

I first became aware of him when he covered UK Rave classic Salsa House.

We`ve kept in touch ever since. Me picking his brains about forgotten Italian House sought-afters. Him sending me future gems like these

As Deep88 his releases combine influences from throughout House`s history. Recognising no borders of geography or time. His set for The Remedy is no different. Gospel calls for brotherhood ride reclaimed Salsoul bass-lines. The revenge of Disco`s revenge. Coldcut visit Shoom. 90`s New York blasts out of the speakers of London`s Ministry Of Sound. Sci-Fi rainforests segue with Gregorian chant, synthesised flutes, and funky organ grinders. In Sueno Latinos re-imagined.

deep88 Juice logo

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