Arve Henriksen / Chiaroscuro / Rune Grammofon

If the Pep Llopis record sounds like a distillation of a host of Cafe Del Mar Classical “classics”, then Arve Henriksen`s reissued Chiaroscuro kinda does the same for Jazz and the ECM label. The gentle “organic” winds and percussion recalling greats by Stephan Micus and Jan Garbareck. Taking up the runes. Nana Vasconcelos sitting in with the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. A wounded Miles interpreting Joaquin Rodrigo Vidre. Sketching Spain. The cold desolate horn of He loved Him Madly.

A shakuhachi seems to sob. Weep, howl and wail. A trumpet sounds against angry tides. Ethereal sirens sing in haunting wordless song. Before being joined by the massed choirs of Neptune and Salacia. Throughout subliminal electronics rising and falling. Slowly. Like Zen breath.

Reference Links

Stephan Micus

Jan Garbarek

Nana Vasconcelos with PCO

Sketches Of Spain

He Loved Him Madly

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