Mix / Looking For The Balearic Beat / July 2017

Paraphrasing the Soul Sonic Force and sorting through today`s releases for tunes that could have graced Alfie & Leo`s Amnesia dance floor.

This month`s musical globetrotting.

Belgium gives us the superlative Boogie of Alec Mansion on Be With. Their European neighbour, France, supplies the sought after François Kevorkian remix of Cuban-born, Parisian Guy Cuevas` Obsession on Trad Vibe. From Japan there`s Kensuke Ide`s collaboration with Thailand`s Pongsapon Upani on Osaka`s EM Records. Tokyo Matt`s irresistible sing-a-long editsu on the next instalment of Hamam House. The UK lines up with Craig Christon and Tim Hutton`s Paradise Project take on Nancy Noise`s Azizi`s Dance. A homage to all those 98 – 100 BPM Balearic chuggers of 1989 / 90. There`s new music from Liverpool`s lovely Brenda Ray. Moonboots and beachballs. Forthcoming on Manchester`s Aficionado. Caliban`s rediscovered London-based but Caribbean-influenced feel good Funk. Dusted off by Amsterdam`s Music From Memory. The African continent shares Kojo Antwi`s Ghanaian Pop. One of the many fine selections on Kenneth Bager`s Jockey Club, Salinas, Ibiza collection for Music For Dreams. His Sunset Sessions now at Volume 5. Just one of the great comps issued in time for your holidays. Pressing problems have unfortunately held up the first 12 from Obey The Chief on World Series. A new label with ties to L.A`s Adult Contemporary crew. Those Italians at Flash Forward reissue two more seminal hits from their country`s House heritage. In the form of Don Carlos` Mediterraneo mini-LP and Dreamatic`s Audio Trip.

*All of these records should be in the shops now, or shortly.



Alec Mansion – Maintenant – Be With

Kensuke Ide – Otemoyan Isan – Em

Kojo Antwi – Meribebeba – Music For Dreams

Nancy Noise – Azizi`s Dance (Paradise Project) – Beyond Paradise

Tokyo Matt – Pi Po Pa – Hamam House

Caliban – Supernatural Magic – Music From Memory

Brenda Ray – Skip Hop To Bop – Aficionado

Guy Cuevas – Obsession – Trad Vibe

Obey The Chief – Obey The Chief – World Series

Don Carlos – Paranoia – Flash Forward

Dreamatic – Audio Trip – Flash Forward

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