Tornado Wallace / Animals Dancing

Drum machines trip over themselves in anticipation of an epic roll. A la Plastikman`s Spastik. Metallic mixing with more organic thumping. Bongo loops. Jungle language and abstract electronics. Tribal jammin`. Primitivo Aperitivo is kinda Jazz. The Fusion of Weather Report`s Non-Stop Home. With a 21st Century kick. Harvey, Diesel and Dave Jarvis` Moton rework of George Duke`s Northbeach. Gilles and Simbad`s of Noro Morales` Saona. Open Door is a dark, cavernous stomp. Building in intensity. Peyote shamen summoning spirits. Speaking, dancing like animals. In its Born In A Tent version sending a broken break-beat clattering through shimmering LSD ambience and sub-bass. Like an unfastened shutter being toyed with in the wind. A piano echoing amongst the ghosts of yesterdays` parties.

Reference Links

Plastikman`s Spastik

Weather Report`s Non-Stop Home


Noro Morales` Saona

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