Pharoahs / In Oeland / International Feel

Inspired by the writing of surfer / journalist Michael Kew, Pharoahs` In Oeland sets a course for an imagined South Pacific. Rainforest soundscapes come straight outta Jon Hassell`s Fourth World. Jump to the jerky, chopped and looped rhythms of Hassell`s co-conspirators, Eno & Byrne. A cuica squeaks. A sax blows. Oelan Gunda drags The Bush Of Ghosts out into the open. Its chant more sunrise than Moonlight In Glory. Snatches of highlife guitar. Everything played like percussion. Air Kiribati`s violins make for a more ethnic take on Windham Hill`s fusion of Jazz, Folk and New Age. Uplifting choirs calling from an audible distance. Cadaje echoes the oriental tones and the hyperreal modern psychedelia of Visible Cloaks and Sugai Ken. Adding the twang of an Ennio Morricone gunfighter theme. Invisible Mile pairs the Post-Rock of Tortoise`s TNT with the hypnotic riff from Tones On Tail`s Lions. Coral Heads could be label mate Len Leise updating Wally Badarou`s Endless Race. House-d up and chiming with calypso drama, juice harp and Hawaiian pedal steel arcs. Scuba diving with Japan`s Little Big Bee. High on the same (oxygen) supply.

Reference Links

Jon Hassell

The Bush Of Ghosts / Moonlight In Glory

Windham Hill

Visible Cloaks

Sugai Ken 

Ennio Morricone


Tones On Tail 

Len Leise 

Wally Badarou`s Endless Race

Little Big Bee

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