Event / Lonestar`s Seventh Birthday / Saturday October 6th, 2017

Lonestar celebrates its seventh birthday at Bonobo in Harajuku this Saturday (October 6th). Me, Max Essa, Ken Hidaka, and Gordy. We`re all in. And we`ll be joined by a very special guest, Tadashi Yabe.

In the early 1990s, alongside Raphael Sebbag and Toshio Matsuura, Yabe-san was one third of United Future Organisation. The group that spearheaded Tokyo`s Jazz Dance scene. It`s a period of the city`s club culture that I really wish I`d witnessed at first hand.

I`m hoping that I can convince Yabe-san to submit to an interview, and maybe twist his arm for a set, or five, of classics for the radio. In the meantime, here are a few personal favourites from U.F.O`s considerable back catalogue.

See you Saturday. The champagne`s on Max.

lonestar october 2017 poster

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