James Booth / Personal Growth / Growing Bin

An E.P. of Detroit-influenced tunes. Where Jazz is definitely the teacher. While machine rhythms travel through time, from Electro to House, they`re accompanied by live drums and bass. Syncopations and improvisations. Dream Perception carried by Whiplash-like high-hat. Its lonely piano lost in a deep of synthesised whale song and sonar echoes. Recalling Kenny Larkin`s Yennek alias. Productions such as Empirical Reality and Carl Craig`s Innerzone mix of Serena X. Elsewhere, Mood`s keys hover like clouds in blue skies. Sighs met with pizzicato patterns. You`s baritone repeats its title refrain. Infinitely echoed a la Quiet Village sending Mudd`s Speilplatz into space. Dhoop Stick rides Derrick Carter`s Chicago Boompt. Twisting, mildly acidic. Out tripping amongst the stars. But the E.P. is full of classic Motor City atmospheres. The closing, The Chorus, combining the Electronic Ambient Soul of Garrett`s End Theme with Larkin`s My Travels. Snares crashing like waves against breakers. Its night illuminated by constantly morphing Northern Lights.

You can order a copy directly from Basso at The Growing Bin.

Reference Links


Empirical Reality 

Serena X


My Travels

Northern Lights


Tripping Among The Stars

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