Tropical Hi-Fi / Oceania / Emotional Response

Fog horns sound. Waves of delay eddy. Iron hulls knock against harbour walls. Vessels buoyed by the tide. The music of the water`s movement. Birdsong. Jungle chatter. Trees bending with the breeze. Tropical Hi-Fi`s Oceania is one large part field recordings. The other electronics. Low-end drones. The buzz of an unattended alarm or distress signal. Drum machines echoing through the deep, dark blue. A bit like The Orb lost out at sea. Drifting between islands of modern Exotica. Percussion, chimes, and Mike Cooper`s Hawaiian steel guitar. Just off the coast of Wally Badarou`s Keys, Mark Barrott`s Go Berri Be Happy, and Malcolm McClaren`s Obatala.

Reference Links

Wally Badarou`s Keys 

Mark Barrott`s Go Berri Be Happy

Malcolm McClaren`s Obatala 

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