Pauline Anna Strom / Trans-Millenia Music / RVNG Itnl.

Comforting New Age swells. Illuminating sonics. Heavenly harp-like glissando. Aural love. Rising and falling like the roll of a calm sea. A great silver mirror breathing. Undulating, pulsating organic. Throbbing. Alive. Evolving. Near sentient sound. Reaching out, expanding. Branching in infinite neural networks. An Ambient Techno. Shining. Incandescent. Luminous. Ethereal whistles and sparse percussion caught in a Psychedelia of spiralling frequency fractals. The auditory equivalent of Bridget Riley`s Op-Art. Stars sending theremin-thin signals across galaxies of inner space. Alien transmissions of peace borne on ships of light. Vox Popular keys opening Huxley`s Doors Of Perception. Stoned immaculate. Floating free. Untethered. Universes flowing through your fingers and toes. Ego lost in the void. Before Earthly tones – Koto and running water – signal re-entry.

Pauline Anna Strom`s Trans-Millenia Music plots a journey all the way out – from blissful to mind-bending – and back again. The compositions designed to transport the listener to a world without time. Where past, present, and future co-exist. Where Strom views herself as much a “spirit-guide”, or “consort”, as musician. This RVNG Intl. retrospective collects pieces dating from between 1982 and 1988. Music inspired by Eno, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Which, during the `70s, dominated Strom`s local San Francisco FM radio. The collection took seven years of preparation. Accompanying live performances, while not yet announced, definitely hinted at.

Trans-Millenia Music fits perfectly into RVNG Intl.`s canon. Echoing in the label`s releases by contemporary artists, such as Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Sugai Ken, and Visible Cloaks. While there are strong similarities with Suzanne Cianni`s Buchla explorations. In places Pauline`s wordless cries – in harmony with her machines – recall Anna “Breadwoman” Homler`s work as The Voices Of Kwahn. Her Trance pinned to the beat of a meditating heart.

Pauline Anna Strom`s Trans-Millenia Music is released on RVNG Itnl. tomorrow (November 10th). You can order a copy directly here.

If you`re in Japan, the RVNG crew are on tour this month. Label founder, Matt Werth, and Visible Cloaks in a package with our own Sugai Ken.

Sugai Ken tour poster

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