K. Leimer / Mitteltoner / Origin Peoples

Anyone familiar with the music of K. Leimer – who has picked up retrospectives of his work on RVNG Intl. or Vinyl On Demand – will know that his adventures in sound span a variety of genres. From the Eno-like songs of Lonely Boy and Porcelain, to the “World Music” of tracks like Ikumi and My Timid Desires. To the Avant-Funk of Entre`Acte and A Spiritual Life. An avenue pursued with Leimer`s “group” Savant.  Here, on Origin Peoples, Leimer returns to his own beginnings. Paying tribute to the “Kosmische” artists who first inspired him to turn on an Awia Reel-To-Reel. To take his studies in Dadaism and surrealism, and switch from painting to searching for instruments in pawn shops. To invest in a TEAC Multitrack and Micro-Moog. To move from visual to aural collage. Pioneers such as Cluster, Harmonia, and Popol Vuh. Music Leimer has directly referenced before. In pieces such as, Malaise (from 1978`s Memory), and At Daybreak and Acquiescence (both from the 1979 cassette, Natural History / The Mind And Its Likeness).

Dunne Luft (Thin Air) is not quite, nearly, Motorik. A synthetically-orchesrated, Neu!-infuenced noise of guitar microtones and crashing cymbals. Sharp, bright harpsichord-like patterns combine with disembodied, Deutsche dialogue. Undulating, electronic bass-lines and the conversation of chattering keys. Spoken texts. Sonatas. Metallic, echoing, collisions of drums hit at half-speed. As Long Ago As This revisits the gentle Ambient of From A Common Center (1983; Installation View). Moving like finely tuned clockwork. Cogged wheels spinning. Each element delicately meshing with its neighbours. Set to a tick-tocking rhythm. Recalling Poppy Ackroyd`s modern compositions for piano and violin. Entferntemusik (Removed, or Deleted Music) processes glitches into lonely transmissions from the last outpost on Earth. A machine requiem. Ice-cold and straining, buckling, under its own weight and exertion. The whole of Mitteltoner`s second side appears to be a love song to Kraftwerk. From its sonic homages to the Germans` Tour De France Soundtracks, to title of Cafe Florian.

You can order a copy directly from Origin Peoples.

Reference Links

Lonely Boy

My Timid Desires



From A Common Center

Poppy Ackroyd 

Processed Glitches

Tour De France Soundtracks

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