Ban Ban Ton Ton On Music For Dreams Radio / April 2018

The son of a friend of mine is moving to Copenhagen. Taking a year out, while thinking about University. I dropped Kenneth from Music For Dreams a line to check if an introduction was OK. Which was met with the usual warm, generous response. Offering the boy dinner and a point of contact should the trip go pear-shaped. His parents seemed super relieved. I described Kenneth as the best DJ in town, owner of the best club, and best record label. But I figured that the lad needed a crash course in Music For Dreams before meeting Dr Bager. Some kind of research, I felt, would only be polite. It would also provide some common ground. So last week I travelled into the Old Town (Karuizawa, not Ibiza) with my favourite pieces of MFD vinyl. Sides by artists such as Ambala, Bliss, Bongo Entp., Bonnie & Klein, Cantoma, DJ Pippi, Dub Tractor, 55 Cancri E, Frontera, Grassskirt, Jacob Gurevitsch, Jose Manuel, Nordso & Theill, Sonic Friends Of The Galaxy, The Swan & The Lake, Troels Hammer, Tuccinelli, and Kenneth himself. Remixes by Visti & Meyland, Ruf Dug, Fabor Resande Mac, and Banzai Republic. The results of that session can now be heard as Ban Ban Ton Ton`s April contribution to Music For Dreams Radio. As four hour long shows. The first of which goes out today.

You can listen to Ban Ban Ton Ton on Music For Dreams Radio every Thursday, 15:00 – 16:00 European time (that`s currently 22:00 – 23:00 for my friends in Japan; 14:00 – 15:00 in the UK).


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