Mind Fair`s Fourth Annual Rotation Summer Garden Party

Those Rogue Cats, Mind Fair (Ben Shenton and Dean Meredith) return to Bishton Hall for their annual Rotation Summer garden party. Running from 2:00 PM til midnight on July 21st. 

They`ll be setting up their 4-way Klipschorns and Bozak to ensure that the sounds will be in keeping with their credo of “Everything you`re about to hear is true”. 

Ben and Dean will, obviously, be spinning, while Bill Brewster is headlining. Author, complier, DJHistory / Dance music expert, journalist, Lowlife founder, music-maker, and stalwart provider of advice and support to all. 

In slightly smaller print, on the brilliant Aubrey Beardsley meets Lewis Carroll poster – designed by Ben`s brother Olly – are Stuart Robinson, and Rob J. Stuart`s a regular selector at N1`s premier “listening” spot, Spiritland, and Dean Smith`s The Great Outdoors shindigs. As well as his own Magnificent 7 events. Rob J is a font of musical knowledge (last year he was flown to Japan specifically to play a Boogie set alongside Tokyo`s Disco legend DJ Nori), who`ll happily stay up all night hitting you with Youtube clips of amazing unknown after amazing unknown. Sharing that knowledge. 

The party will also see Dean reunited with his old Bizarre Inc and Chicken Lips spar, Andy Meecham. Who`ll be switching on his Emperor Machine, and playing live. 

You can book tickets here. And there are some very fine promotional Tees over at No Way Back.

Melancholic Soft Rock. Euphoric Synth Pop. Stalag rhythms. Post-Punk Danceteria jams. Tropical gamelan-esque Fusion, smooth Antipodean Jazz-Funk, and Fourtet-like percussive workouts. Highly sought after Electro-Sleaze, and early-doors cheapo killers. Below is a list of the guys` current favourites. To give you an idea of what to expect sonically. 


Way Of The West – City For Lovers


Ponty Mython – Appreciate It Whilst It’s Not Too Late


Clap! Clap! – Ode To The Pleiades (Live Band Version)

This will sound rather splendid on the K-horns. The Baldelli mix on the flip is great too!

Mildlife – Zwango Zop

From a superb LP. Great production all round. This will sing through the system.


Junior Murvin – Cool Out Son

La Palace De Beauté – Sin

Ric Ocasek – This Side Of Paradise


Imagination — Can’t Stand Without You

From Spiritland to the living room of little old Kef’s, this has done the job time and time again. Some other gems on the LP too. Thanks to Leo Hallin for plugging me into this one. 

Island Band – Idle Hours

Rotation garden party summer 2018 copy


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