James Stewart / Cotonou / Alma Negra

New music from the Voilaaa Sound System. The folk responsible for that Spies Are Watching Me smash. An E.P. from the crew`s percussionist, and DJ, James Stewart. On Swiss label, Alma Negra. Four incredibly authentic tracks. Inspired by Benin to the West, and Zimbabwe to the South. Interpretations of traditional song, Rumba, and Highlife. Yoruba homages to Ghana`s City Boys Band, and tributes to the Juju of Nigeria`s King Sunny Ade. Uptempo, Rhythm Aces dance and pop beneath Francis Bebey`s Baobab tree. Midtempo, big sax riffs vie with guitar that could be Gottsching. Downtempo, it`s a chugging, hypnotic afrodisiac. 

You can order a copy direct from Alma Negra.

There`s a great set here, from James` residency at Le Sucre`s Black Atlantic club night, in Lyon. 

Reference Links 

Spies Are Watching Me

City Boys Band 

King Sunny Ade

Francis Bebey




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