Emilio Santiago / Far Out Recordings

Far Out Recordings are reissuing Emilio Santiago`s self-titled 1975 debut. It`s pretty much the perfect Brazilian Pop record. Switching seamlessly from Bossa to Funk to Jazz. Featuring smooth and complexly arranged, lush orchestrations. Of acoustic guitars, female choruses, flutes, keys, sax, and strings. Ballads sung in the manner of a Sinatra-like heart throb. Sambas, Gospels, and Cubano Rumbas. Big post-Tropicalia productions that include covers of songs by a host of important artists from that era. Such as Jorge Ben, Gilberto Gil, Ivan Lins, Edu Lobo, and Marcos Valle. Emilio`s take on Joao Donato`s Bananeira is one of those Jazz Dance classics that I`ve heard so many times, that I couldn`t quite believe I didn`t already own it. Surely it was on one of those Bongo`s 45s? But no (although a quick sweep of Discogs shows that Deano Sounds` Cultures Of Soul put out a super limited 7” a few years back).

Yet another mind-blowing set from 1970s Brazil, it had me asking 

  1. Were did the budgets for all these musicians, these top session players, come from? 
  2. Was all Brazilian music so sophisticated? 

Or is it that speculators like me are simply benefiting from the graft of connoisseurs, like the crews at Mr. Bongo, and Far Out? Filtering through thousands of dusty sides. Protecting me from the one-hit wonders, piss-poor sing-alongs, and novelty acts. Ensuring that only music of excellence reaches my ears.

There seems to have been a magic in the recording studios of 70s Brazil. Something akin to that of Lee Perry`s Black Ark. I don`t think that sound can ever be recreated. 

Due at the end of July, you can pre-order a copy here

2 thoughts on “Emilio Santiago / Far Out Recordings

  1. Nice one Rob! Will share this up on socials

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    “UK’s foremost Brazilian record label” Clash

    “Excellent London-based Brazilian label” The Independent

    “UK’s leading Brazilian label” The Observer


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