DJ Normal 4 / Exoticz / Second Circle

Associated with a modern dance music that mutates the moment when House became break-laden – Hardcore just a gear change away – DJ Normal 4`s new E.P. won`t lose him any fans, but is bound to gain him a few new ones. 

Kalaidoka is throbbing Acidic Electro. With Yellow Magic synths. A rewind to Weatherall on Haywire. Looking for power, but tired of chasing Techno`s tempo. The Rhythm Mix of Aeo takes its bass-line and battery from early Chicago Jack Trax, and gives them a New Wave edge. Adding discordant keys and angular guitar. Ethereal male and female vocals. The sense of space in the production recalling Zazou / Bikaye / CY1, or Denis Mpunga & Paul K. Slotting into the roster of the incredibly well curated Second Circle, right alongside label mate, Dazion. While the contrasting Ottertasia Mix is more in-line with folks on the parental, Music From Memory, such as Suso Saiz, or Orquesta De Las Nubes. Stripped back, and near Ambient. Sexy Mediterranean whispers, bewitched by the sounds of nocturnal wildlife, bat-like sonar, and Gregorian chant. Beatless Trance patterns broken by orchestral timpani. Triangle, kettle drum, and gong. La Arabia returns to rocking. With the bass-booming West Coast beats of Egyptian Lover and Twilight 22. Charged with warehouse-shaking energy, echoing  disembodied shouts, and snatches of vocodered scat. The seductress moved from Madrid to Marrakesh. A hive-mind of Hashim and Ofra Haza. 

*There`s a brilliant bit in the press release which describes Normal`s music as the product of the post-industrial wasteland of his hometown and “escapist rave fantasies”.

Officially released next month, I know this is on some shops already. You can pre-order here. 

Reference Links

Weatherall on Haywire 

Zazou / Bikaye / CY1

Denis Mpunga & Paul K


Suso Saiz

Orquesta De Las Nubes

Egyptian Lover

Twilight 22


Ofra Haza

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