Antipodean Anomalies / Left Ear Records

I have a confession to make. Chris from Left Ear Records sent me promo files for this at the start of the Summer, and I listened as I drove my kids on a 2000KM round trip through a Kansai heatwave. Under these conditions, in hindsight, I guess to reduce my “workload”, I convinced myself that the digging / reissue thing had gone too far. That in the search for records that no one else might have, “The Seekers” had disappeared through that door to the obscure. I scribbled down, and dictated, notes, by never typed them up. Until now. 

This weekend, at a Hamon Radio party, I heard DJ Maa play track after track that during August I had passed over. And all of them sounded fucking great. I realised even more how context, situation, and mood, affect our appreciation of music. How hard it is to be consistently objective. And that maybe I`d lost my mojo. Misplaced it at the very least. So apologies are in order.

Chris Left Ear, and fellow compiler, Umut Turkeri, have pulled together recordings made in the margins, of the already isolated Antipodes. Traditional Estonian song set to crazy Rave stabs, and drum machines. Racing, rattling, tripping over themselves. New Wave gone dubwise, with rubber band B-line, and Jackie Mittoo organ riffs. Carnival whistles, screams, and tunes blown down PVC pipes. Industrial ambience. Occult Folk. Where acoustic strum, and woodwinds accompany breathless subliminal recitals. Horror score strings. Gothic electronics of low-end oscillations. Explosions of feedback. Think John Carpenter, if he`d recorded for L.I.E.S. Sampled surf, cicadas, and birdsong. Revving motorbikes, gunshots and clock chimes. All serving to illustrate a Maori creation myth. Heartbeats, and footsteps providing the rhythm. Axe solos partner mournful cello. Harmonium drone with violin. Electric arabesques and Kosmische machines. Synthetic symphonies and poetry. Koto dances to a Digi-Dub skank. Crescendos and showers of orchestral counterpoint. Nic Lyon`s Woody sounded particularly fine on Saturday night.


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