Nana Tuffour / Sikyi Melody / CC:EDITIONS

Kalita Records team-up with Melbourne’s CC:DISCO, as CC:EDITIONS, for this E.P. of “Burger Highlife”. The name given to the music made by Ghanaian ex-pats living in Germany. Where tradition finds itself synergising with technology. I guess in a similar way to the Parisian musical cross-hybridization collected on the recent Nouvelle Ambiance! compilation. 

The focus here is on Nana Tuffour. Selecting two tracks apiece from his Genesis, and Highlife Tropicana albums. Originally released in 1993 and 1997, respectively. Recorded in Dusseldorf`s Rheinklang Studio. There are two, epic, ten / eleven minute workouts. Drum machine-assisted Broken / Afro Beat with tumbling breakdowns. Bionic bass. Bright brass and soaring synths. Sunshine-filled group harmonies. The incredible hypnotic, Highlife guitar of Ampofo Acquah. In his hands, the music’s characteristic picking, spiraling off in Blues-y, bent notes. Effectively soloing throughout. It`s a mixture easily as joyous as anything from that wonderful, and essential, Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band record from a few years back.

The CC:Editions E.P. pairs these uptempo moments with a couple slower. Jesus is R&B Gospel, with jazzy horns and Nana`s fine electric piano. While his keys on M`Anu Me Ho skank to a big old school Hip Hop 808 (think Kool Moe Dee`s Do You Know What Time It Is? meets Toure Kunda`s E`mma).

You can order a copy directly from Kalita Records.

Reference Links

Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band 

Kool Moe Dee 

Toure Kunda 

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