Touch Sensitive / 2018 In Review

In 2018, Belfast-based Touch Sensitive admirably championed the musical talent of their hometown. Black Bones took Group Zero`s Industrial Pursuit dancing. Producing an irresistible ALFOS-worthy chugger. Documenta delivered a reading of the legend of Margorie McCall, The Lady With The Ring. A Post-Rock wall of sound, by turns epic Shoegaze, and don’t-turn-out-the-light Gothic. David Holmes` soundtrack to Steven Soderbergh`s (pre-Bandersnatch) interactive whodunit, Mosaic, homaged both Badalamenti and Morricone. Ai Messiah scored the approaching Singularity, with serene, sometimes unsettling, ambience. 

Selections by Touch Sensitive`s Mark Reid…..

Three LPs

Cucina Povera / Hilja / Night School

Tirzah / Devotion / Domino

Kate NV / для FOR / RVNG Intl.

Three 12s

WINO-D / Wah Wah Wino

Laurel Halo / Raw Silk Uncut Wood / Latency

Palta & Ti / Palta Og Ti På Den Tolvte Ø / 12th Isle

Three Reissues / Comps

Uneven Paths / Music From Memory

Sebastian Gandera / Le Raccourci / Efficient Space

Keysha / Stop It! / Stroom

One Thing You’re Looking Forward To In 2019

In music and life – less forcing it and more feeling it.

Something more tangible might be All City Records forthcoming reissue of Michael O’Shea

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