Toni Esposito / Rosso Napoletano (Mushrooms Project 2018 Rework) / Archeo Recordings

Italian master percussionist Toni Esposito`s 1974 debut, Rosso Napoletano, was already an epic. Nearly twenty minutes of funky Fusion. Folk picking, and electric keyboard, soprano saxophone, strut. 

Esposito`s countrymen, Mushrooms Project, Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano, take the loose tapping, striking, shaking, and rattling, of the original’s intro, and use this as the foundation for thirteen minutes of big bass-lined 80 BPM-ish chug. Free-Jazz, by way of Weatherall`s Weekender, and Galliano`s Skunk Funk. The “Mushrooms” own Dirty Bolas, or Undergrass. Retaining Esposito`s shaman shouts, but transporting the track`s vibe from sunrise to sunset. Or midnight. Blowing ebena up its nostrils, in a psychedelic as fuck ritual, of bird calls, lycanthrope barks, and slowed down UFO sound effects. Awakening the third-eye with Kosmische synths and cymbal shimmer. Summoning benign spirits. Communing with ancestors, and the cosmos. Dub giving everything an infinite edge.

Reference Links

Weatherall`s Weekender 

Skunk Funk 

Dirty Bolas 



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