Helado Negro / This Is How You Smile / RVNG Intl.

Real songs backed by muted rhythm boxes. Soft synths. Warm swells. Subliminally swirling. Virtual orchestras, and steel pan tones. Machine drone, and ringing loops. A haze of heavily reverbed piano. Their slow dance carried by a sub-bass pulse. Intimate odes to life and love, a la Lewis Baloue, sung in English and Espanol. Where there`s a touch of Bon Iver in the high notes on Running. Tommy Guerrero`s bastard grooves, six-string heroics and beat-box rocking, on Seen My Aura. Bill Callahan`s Have Fun With God Dub experiments on Todo Lo Que Me Falta. A Cafe Del Mar candidate in the Spanish strum and serenade of Sabana De Luz. There’s something of the Brothers Woo in the music’s fragility and innocence. An Electronic Folk template shared with Secret Circuit`s Tropical Psychedelics. Making Helado Negro`s This Is How You Smile a neat companion to Eddie Ruscha V.`s Who Are You (which you can find on RVNG Intl.`s sibling, Beats In Space). Its hushed lullabies occupying a space somewhere between Haruomi Hosono`s Exotica, and Copenema`s Brazilian-influenced Balearic. Their twilight sky lit by small details spinning out in orbit, like distant stars to be wished upon. 

You can order Helado Negro`s This Is How You Smile directly from RVNG Intl.

Reference Links

Lewis Baloue

Bon Iver

Bill Callahan

Tommy Guerrero

Haruomi Hosono



Secret Circuit 

Eddie Ruscha V. 

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