Sillyboy`s Ghost Relatives / In A Small Place / Claremont 56

A former prize-wining body-popper, Paul “Mudd” Murphy kicked off his musical career as part of Dub-Disco outfit Akwaaba. But while he and his labels, Claremont 56, Leng, and Spacetalk, might have more recently been lumped in with “Nu Disco”, or “Balearic”, Mr. Murphy has always been of a Rock-ier bent. Check the psychedelic leanings of close friends, The Idjut Boys. Alumina and Mushrooms Project. The gems unearthed by Psychemagik`s Danny McLewin. Such as Morrison Kincannon`s Beneath The Redwoods. Mudd`s Folk-tinged stuff with Ben Smith. Their collaboration with Holger Czukay, ex of CAN, as Bison. Or as part of sunshine super group, Paqua. I mean, when I told Paul that a lot of his productions and remixes remind me of The Doors, I was expecting him to be offended. Instead, he confessed that Ray Manzarek was one of his favourites. Sillyboy`s Ghost Relatives` In A Small Place continues in this groove. The Athenian quartet made to strut slowly, but funkily, in the manner of Mudd’s brilliant remix of Ned Doheny, from last year. Languid guitar licks stretched out in delay. The sparse arrangement giving space to intimately-mic`d microtones. Pensive bass twang forging an appropriately claustrophobic, stoned Funk. Lying in wait, before, Trojan Horse-like, launching a six-string attack on Sillyboy’s hometown Blues. 

Reference Links


Smith & Mudd



Mudd`s remix of Ned Doheny

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