Guerilla Welfare / The Nature Of Human Nature / Musique Plastique

Portland`s Musique Plastique collect the Avant-Funk experiments of Guerilla Welfare. Tunes harvested from the Canadian duo`s two late 80s LPs, and early 90s cassette. The press release cites Eno & Fripp, Fela Kuti, Bill Laswell, Steve Reich, and King Tubby, as sources of inspiration. Guerrilla Welfare’s percussive, Post-Punk, bass-driven Boogie has these ground-breaking folks shacked up in the bush of ghosts with Michel Banabila and Savant`s Neo-Realist (At Risk). Just like Banabila, Eno & Byrne, and Savant, Guerilla Welfare make use of “found” TV and radio dialogue. Collaging these talking heads to comment on our condition. The Nature Of Human Nature. Creating tracks where anonymous voices soapbox on the benefits of a nuclear deterrent to a Compass Point skank. That question the motives of cultural melting pots. Is assimilation the theft of individuality? Ask if aggression is frustrated love, to angular New Wave. Two collaborations with poet Mary Howes are ringers for the dark narratives of Little Annie Anxiety. Adding On-U Sound to the list of possible influences. Easy Street is an uneasy tale of street hassle, set to trippy bass notes a la Doug Wimbish. Guitar like David Byrne`s nervous approximation of West African Highlife.  Rock-A-Bye, a patiently paced strip-tease. 

“Please go down on me, and don’t come up for air.”

A kind of erotic take on Laurie Anderson’s Blue Lagoon.

The uptempo Fear Arises has Arabic cats dance to machined EBM. A leftfield march that wears the same uniform as Front 242`s Funkahdafi, or Geoffrey Landers` Breedlove. All Things Are Connected is abstract. Bent Sinster. So Today…a chiming, infinite, locked groove echo of Fripp`s Frippertronics, chapman stick, and Eno`s Another Green World. 

Guerilla Welfare`s The Nature Of Human Nature is released this Friday care of Musique Plastique.

Reference Links

Michel Banabila

The Bush Of Ghosts


Compass Point

Little Annie

Doug Wimbish

Laurie Anderson

Front 242

Geoffrey Landers



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