Frank Harris & Maria Marquez  / Echoes / Strangelove

Due any minute now on New Zealand`s Strangelove is Echoes, a collection of tracks from San Francisco. A collaboration between musician Frank Harris, and Venezuelan vocalist Maria Marquez. A handful of the tracks were released in the mid-80s. On Frank`s Third Wave Productions, and fellow San Fran-ers, The Residents` Ralph Records. 

Canto Del Pilon could be an outtake from John Gomez` Outro Tempo (get ready for volume 2). Building from an organic near acapella Lamento Africano, to a brassy, electronic, Dancehall Samba. A cock crows, birds sing, and Alessandro Alessandroni whistles. 

Running water, loons, drum machine crashes, and saxophones. Shakers like leaves in a cool Caribbean breeze. Textures like Trevor Horn and Malcolm McLaren`s version of “World Music”. A fair few sonic similarities with Wally Badarou`s Caribbean Funk. Not surprising since both Wally and Frank were both among the first to rock a Synclavier synth station. 

Campesina is a cover of harpist Juan Vincente Torrealba. Tonada De Ordeno is beautiful. Pitch perfect, almost Operatic. Bringing to mind Virginia Rodriguez` sublime Noite De Temporal. Its atmosphere rich and polished. Tenderloin is synth-tastic Fusion. Field Trips features tribal chants and a children’s choir. Bein` Green mourns the loss of the rainforests (which allows me to suggest you check the recent Majeks reissue on Superfly for more ecological grooviness). 

The press release states that Frank and Maria set out to be a “Tropical Sade”, and in the slinky, sax-y, Loveroom they certainly succeeded.

You can order a copy directly here. Money from your purchase will be donated to the charity Cuatro, helping to providing food, medicine, and other essential supplies to the Venezuelan people.

Reference Links

Lamento Africano

Dancehall Samba

Alessandro Alessandroni



Noite De Temporal


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