Kolida Babo / MIC

Kolida Babo are a Greek duo who take their name from a regional Christmas custom, that commemorates Herod’s Slaughter of the Innocents. Their music is driven by a duet of ancient woodwinds. The Armenian Duduk. The instruments` double-reeds making a sound that moves between clarinet, oboe, the Persian ney. Accompanied by analogue electronics, and specifically a Moog, which lend the recordings a sometimes Kosmische, sometimes Industrial atmosphere. The machines` buzz, drone, and fizz, sometimes kinda Cavern Of Anti-Matter. Sometimes kinda Eraserhead. Lynchian apparatus whirring and wheezing in the background. 

Kolida Babo is really a Folk record. Raising Romany laments, summoning snake-charmers, while it synthesizes lunar storms. But its distressed edges have me thinking of the super dark Noir of Jac Berrocal`s Antigravity. An obsidian Jazz. A score to a silent movie. Something art-y. Something monochrome. 

You can purchase a copy of Kolida Babo directly here.

Reference Links

Cavern Of Anti-Matter


Jac Berrocal

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