Pepe Maina / Scerizza / Archeo Recordings

Described by Discogs as “New Age”, this record is hard to categorize. Its creator, self-taught Milanese musician, Pepe Maina, maintains a staunchly anti-commercial, anti-corporate, anti-any-kind-of-biz stance. Continuing to self-release his music, and compose for theatre and independent film / documentaries. 

Recorded at Maina`s Nonsense Studios, Scerizza dates from 1979. It opens with slightly wonky monastic chant, and ecclesiastical organ. Sung as if the monk might have been at the mead. Then a jaunty, devil-may-care, whistle blows, between bottom-end boom, and harpsichord-like keys. Cymbals shimmer like temple gongs, vibes ring with Gamelan chime, and flutes duet with the female leads. Distant Royal court bugles fanfare a reveille. The compositions are busy, and whole album has an intricate, Medieval Folk feel. One it shares with the Hippie-r end of Kosmische, acts like Between, and Brosel Maschine, and defined by Maina`s zither and psaltery. Perhaps illustrating the authors` hankering after simpler times. But then, the woodwind riff on Sorpresa, could almost be Techno, and its bridge, Cortex-like Fusion. Spoken word sections recall the Art Ambient of Pablo`s Eye, and the closing Al Contadino Non Far Sapere Quanto Sei Cretino (which possibly translates as Don`t Let The Farmer Know What An Idiot You Are) pits automatic weapon fire against a Casiotone rhythm. A battleground backed by a Bontempi beat. An alternate take of Sorpresa is a Prog Rock Tattoo, that seems to sample soccer terrace shouts. The title track comes in three parts. Scerizza Parte 3 has music box melody accompanied by acoustic and electric guitar. While Scerizza Parte 2, for me at least, the LP`s standout, wears Celtic colours. With bagpipes bouyed by fretless bass runs, and illuminated by the sweet sunshine sound of field-recorded children at play. 

Pepe Maina`s Scerizza is back in stores now, care of Archeo Recordings. If you’re quick you can pick up one of the hundred copies on blue and white marbled vinyl. 

pepe maina Scerizza Art

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