Ferdi / All One / Claremont 56

Ferdi`s All One is a contemporary mix of Folk and Psychedelic Rock. Kosmische electronics and body-moving bass. Skipping beats and echoed refrains. Americana heat-haze, scatting, sun-lounging, languid Jazz swing, and Noir Reggae skank. Acoustic guitars are picked in Penguin Cafe-like arrangements. Electric ones wah-wah, warble, walk Spanish. Dance a Flamenco. Cut angular New Wave shapes. Little River appropriately emerges from the sound of fresh flowing water. Interaction is squelching, bottom end growling, downtempo Funk. Bongos, microtone chimes, organ-grind, and Sitar-like buzz combine on the Psyche of Befreit. Thinking Of You is slow, slightly-Latin, and Santana-esque. Pulsa and Transpose are chilled drum-machine-driven tributes to the Library Music houses of De Wolfe and KPM. Each demonstrating the young German multi-instrumentalist`s varied chops, scope, and potential.

You can purchase Ferdi`s All One directly from Claremont 56. 

Reference Links

Penguin Cafe



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