Bombay S Jayashri / Shravanam / Time Capsule

To fans of Laraaji, the indipop of Shelia Chandra and Steve Coe, Matt Sewell`s A Crushing Glow, Anuradha & Kavita Paudwal, The Ecstatic Music Of Alice Coltrane Turiasangitananda. This one’s for you. Om Namah Shiva. Align your crystals, cross your legs, close your eyes, listen, and transcend today a little while. Bombay S Jayashri`s Shravanam will bring you closer to God. If for a moment you can open up to the idea that God is love, and that love is within. That God is in all and everything. Do this and Jayashri `s salutations to “the auspicious one” will take you towards a healing whole. It`s music for your mind and consequently your body and your soul. Performed with such discipline, yet flows so naturally, that it recalls a martial art. Gathering, and channeling chi. Breathing with the trees. Conducting a ceremony. Far stronger than any yoga. The Academy Award-nominated Carnatic vocalist performing chants from the Yajurveda. Southern Indian Hindu worship rituals, written in Vedic Sanskrit, which date back to between 1500 and 500 BC. Improvising within strict structures of sruti (pitch), swara (sound), raga (mode) and tala (rhythm). Achieving incredible, impossible, sustained notes.

Originally released on CD nearly two decades ago, Time Capsule`s vinyl edition contains forty minutes of mantra, tambura drone, hand drums and veena – an Indian lute**. Divided into a short introduction, then a couple of twenty minute pieces. All changes are subtle, slow-evolving. Best appreciated if you take the time out to tune in. That said it`s an instant stress-detox-er / inner peace locator. Rewarding both a shallow or deep dive. Its effect, on me at least, was immediate.

** Two bonus digital downloads make the running time over an hour.

You can pre-oder a copy here.

Bombay S Jayashri plays London’s Barbican on October 11th. 

Time Capsule`s Pol Valls DJs at Tokyo`s Club Zero in Aoyama this Friday (June 7th). 

Reference Links 


Shelia Chandra & Steve Coe

Anuradha & Kavita Paudwal

The Ecstatic Music Of Alice Coltrane Turiasangitananda

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