Hillside / Hidden Port / Claremont 56

Hillside are new collaborative alias of Claremont 56 founder Paul “Mudd” Murphy. The trio are effectively a trimmed down Paqua**. With Alex Searle and Patrick Dawes from that band on guitars and percussion respectively. Their sound obviously recalls Paqua. With Hidden Port being, appropriately, a Yacht Rock update. Murphy on synths and Fender Rhodes fills. Drums dropped into Dubwise, and a fuzz edge to Searle`s solos. Like a laidback Little River Band. Or Morrison Kincannon – the Californians recently reissued by associated label, Spacetalk. You can imagine Hillside backing Hard Candy-era Ned Doheny. Getting it up for love. The Kings Tun countering synthesized sequences with acoustic strum, folk picking. Clipped riffs banged out a plugged-in 12-bar boogie. On both tracks, guest violin from veteran jazzman Mike Piggot soars to catch sunlight. Like Alfredo De Fe La listing all his favourite things. 

You can order a copy of Hillside`s Hidden Port E.P. directly from Claremont 56. 

**Note to promoters, Hillside are a tight, cost-effective touring unit. 

Hillside art edit

Reference Links


Little River Band

Morrison Kincannon

Ned Doheny

Alfredo De Fe La


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