Justine / Wordless Songs / Left Ear Records

Wordless Songs is one of two tracks taken from Justine Bradley`s sole LP. Produced in tiny numbers for radio promotions only, in 1979. Justine’s beautiful blue-eyed Jaki Whitren-esque vocals soaring in both pieces. Their emotions rescued by Left Ear Records. 

The pair are unexpected Jazz-Dancers. The first exuding a groove that’s one part Tokyo City Pop sleaze, and two parts Gilles P`s Talkin` Loud at Dingwall’s. Solos handled by clipped guitar and vibes. Justine’s delivery recalling Lynn Christopher`s Take Me With You, and Judy Robert`s Brazil-influenced shake of Russ Long`s Never Was Love. 

The second tune, Mama Didn`t Tell Ya, starts out slow, brass and bass-led. A sax-y ode to love.  A funky Fusion. Try to imagine if Jan Akkerman had hung out with Joni in Laurel Canyon. But it hits a Blues-y breakdown, and then off it goes. Racing. With keys, reeds, and strings competing with one another, attempting to keep up. Passing the musical baton back and forth, throwing that gauntlet down, for six of its ten minute duration. Lighting out for the magic of Chuck Mangione`s Land Of Make Believe. In my opinion, not only could it have graced Gilles` Sunday afternoon sessions, but it also has the potential to be hailed as classic on discerning dance-floors, such as The Loft, Lucky Cloud, and Beauty & The Beat. 

You can order a copy of Justine’s Wordless Songs directly from Left Ear Records. 

Reference Links

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Take Me With You

Never Was Love

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Land of Make Believe

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