Paranoid London / PL / Paranoid London Records

Using just kick, 303, machined percussion and b-line, Paranoid London find so many different ways to Jack. Flicked switches trigger latino freestyle timbale rattle. Push-buttons activate punishing sado-drums. Intensity increasing from track 1 to the final fade of 11. The overdriven timpani bleeding and blurring, distorting as the tempo hits full tilt. A quartet of pounding strobe-lit mating rituals in and The Music is a relentless BDSM bitch slap. Harder, faster. Don’t forget your safe word. Acid boils and snarls like a pissed-off Pac-Man possessed. Phased high hats scythe in and out of fuzzy focus. Hardware handclaps. A conniption fit of 909 snares sound a techno tattoo. Breaking for bursts of bowel-voiding bass. Its thunder somehow muted, as if you’re on the outside watching the whole House shake. Authentically drawing on Chicago. Trax and Relief. Military marches. A warriors dance. A parade of guest vocalists assisting the PL duo of Gerardo Delgado and Quinn Whalley in their four-to-the—floor attack. Alan Vega, Arthur Baker, Bubbles Bubblesynski rapping like a camp Neal Cassady. Mutado Pintado`s dark Erotica managing to reference John Boorman`s Deliverance. Original Post-Punk funker, A Certain Ratio`s Simon Topping making Cult Hero sound like an EBM meeting of Joy Division and disco`s revenge. Josh Caffe`s whisper set between menace and desire. His Vi-Vi Viscous Games (a Yello cover?) as raw, and as fucking great, as anything Jamie Principle ever did. 

Paranoid London’s new long-player, PL, is released on August 30th. You can check directly with the band for pre-order news, and you can watch them tear the roof off at the following dates:

3 August                      Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire DJ SET

11 August                    Solid Grooves @ Vista, Ibiza, DJ SET

30 August                   Good Room NYC, LIVE

31 August                   Making Time Philadelphia LIVE

6 September               Smartbar Chicago LIVE

7 September               TV Lounge Detroit LIVE

14 September             Oasis Festival, Marrakech, LIVE

20 September             Loft, Barcelona, LIVE

21 September             Wilde Renate, Berlin, LIVE

27 September             Hope Works, Sheffield, DJ SET

28 September             Berkeley Suite, Glasgow, DJ SET

4 October                    1988 Club, Rennes, DJ SET

12 October                  World HQ, Newcastle, DJ SET

Reference Links


Conniption fit

Techno tattoo



Warriors Dance



Jamie Principle 

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