Joe Morris / Exotic Language / Shades Of Sound

Clandestino`s Joe Morris will release his debut long-player this September. Exotic Language collects nine tracks, plus a bonus rework. Traveling between ambient, downtempo, chuggers and house. 

The slower numbers feature sampled cicadas and the sound of waves rolling in, kissing the shore. Birdsong, panpipes and gentle drifts of native timpani. Big gated synths and droning kosmische arcs. Mixing Innovative Communication with Art Of Noise. Like some of Mark Barrott`s Sketches From An Island. Guest vocalists grace both Perfume and Milo`s Theme. Private Agenda and Joe’s nine month-old son, respectively. Both tunes sigh like vamps on 10cc`s I’m Not In Love. The former carried by Private Agenda`s choirboy ache. The latter a synthetic epic that owes something to those sublime suites Hell Yeah! commissioned from Max Essa. 

The first chugger comes in the form of Echo System`s enervated digidub – imagine if someone pitched St. Etienne`s Only Love Can Break Your Heart way down. Melodica and piano washes. 303 R.E.M. and sleepy horns. Acid Safari is a Jungle Fever-esque groove of percussion and clipped guitar. A Banjo like the one in Bad Bascomb`s Black Grass. Swooning strings and snarling acid competing with noisy monkeys in its afro-cosmic frug. 

The album`s uptempo moments take the classic 90s Italian house template – sunbleached and singing of blue cloudless skies – and create something for twilight. As your Cafe Del Mar cocktail-lounging shifts to shuffling feet, a need to scratch a let`s-hit-the-dance-floor itch. Its foundations in Italy’s characteristic combination of Chicago warehouse and New York garage. Marshall Jefferson-like showers of machine handclaps mixing with subtle jazzy keys. There are even loon birds, Mr Fingers` beloved Juno-60. Stuttered street-party whistles and steel pan-timbres. A retro-not-retro reckoning in the manner of folks like Telephones. A tribal thump shakes the spirites in Spirit Walker and its tropical rainstick details. For that bonus rework Joe’s Clandestino pals add jacking Relief Records-like drum patterns. Turning in a Dubtribe-esque closer. Building-the-box to dancing fractals.  

You can purchase digital here, and pre-order vinyl here. 

joe morris exotic language artwork

Reference Links

Innovative Communication 

Art Of Noise

Sketches From An Island

Private Agenda


Max Essa

St. Etienne

Jungle Fever

Bad Bascomb

Marshall Jefferson 

Juno 60




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