See Thru Hands / Hot City / Ruf Kutz

There’s new music from Manchester care of See Thru Hands, and Ruf Dug`s Ruf Kutz imprint. Hot City describes our new land of the free. Where you can do what you like because austerity and privatization have made sure that we can no longer afford the police. Where all those whose money holidays safely in the Cayman Islands watch while the Brexit distraction drags on. Demonizing and deporting immigrants. Setting the poor fighting amongst themselves.* Its sharp words strutting to funky rock / rocky funk. Like a laidback Gramme or Phenomenal Handclap Band. Its live drums parried by angular guitar. 

On the remix front, Metrodome stutter the vocals to a classic UK Garage broken beat skip and bottomless bass growl. Modal techno-inspired chords. Label head, Ruf Dug, builds a proto-house extension. Both are way more electronic than the OG. Ruffy`s synths sort of skanking towards the dance floor pop of Payfone. His dub, trapping lyrical snippets in echo. Speeding up, slowing down, spinning in delay. 

The bonus track, Nothing To Lose, marries a blue-eyed faux falsetto with chicken scratch axe, and dreams of Prince while it dances as if no one is looking. 

You can order a copy of See Thru Hands` Hot City directly here. 

*Ever get the feeling that you’ve been cheated?

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Phenomenal Handclap Band



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