Parkwerks Vol. 1 / Parkway Records

Parkway Records return with a 4-tracker of what they modestly describe as “club tools”. Hits of proto-house, electronic disco-tech dub, so authentic that you’ll be looking to blow NYC digger`s dust off their golden grooves. Sets of synthetic horns honking, harking after Boyd Jarvis` bounce. Bruce Forest`s Better Days. Machined handclaps raining down in celebration of the night. Gospel leads testifying, jazzy chorus line scat, all rinsed in echo. B-lines like North End`s fat hog, and Paul Simpson-esque piano. It`s a sound designed for a Richard Long system. Cowbells tonked something crazy. SFX sending out comet trails of mirrorball-refracted glitter. Flutes soothing bubbling aquatic 4 / 4s. The deep dance-floor tranquility punctuated by Linn drum crashes and party whistles. The odd orgasmic groan – varispeeded, gender fluid. 

There are no clips (save this teaser here). No digital. So you’ll just have to take my word for how good this is, and wait for the vinyl. PPU will be first with the news.

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