Ibiza DJs 1976-1988 / Feedback Pump

This is a last, pre-Christmas pump of the “little yellow book”. A big thank you to everyone who’s already purchased a copy – if you haven’t you can do so here – and a big thank you to everyone who sent over thoughts, comments, and congratulations. Below is a selection of the feedback I`ve received – plus a few more photos. Those that were unfortunately of too low a resolution for us to print. 

Carlos Diaz:

“Is very nice. Very nice document. Thanks for spreading the proper information of what happened in those days. Not everyone does the job in the correct way.”

Jolyon Green:

“Top stuff! The Alfredo interview is particularly interesting.”

Leo Mas:

“It was a great pleasure to help you, to get in touch with many of my old friends. Thanks to you for your desire to know, your passion.”

Cesar de Melero:

“I got the little yellow books. I congratulate you, after so many years, having finished the project. It has a lot of merit. Veeeeery good! Please, for the next one, my name is Cesar de Melero, not DE Melero. Hahaha.”

Patrick Michaut: 


Phil Mison:

“The yellow book is amazing.”


“Pamphlet received and devoured over the weekend. A truly lovely thing. You’ve done it perfectly. Great interviews and stories but more importantly…charts! Everyone loves a chart. Been checking through a few of the unknown – to me – tunes and I’ve been educated. Love that Stan Ridgway Salesman. Camouflage was always a biggie at ‘nado back when we first started. Wish I’d known about this tune back then!”

Joan Ribas:

“Robert, superb work. Thanks to you!”

Kenny Wisdom:

“Bring on volumes 2 and 3.”

Christian Zingales: 

“Englishman in Japan Robert Harris aka Dr. Rob is a gentleman and wonderful writer: he comes with words of beauty and a great storytelling. And he is a true musical believer who knows his records inside out. What a pleasure reading his Ibiza DJs 1976-1988, a precious pamphlet that brings light to the Balearic revolution with interviews, stories, playlists, photos from the golden age of Ibiza.”

cesar de melero_KU_88 copy

Cesar de Melero; Ku 1988

Con Pippi, Pete Tur a la guitarra y mi primera mujer, Magdalena. copy

Pippi and Joan Ribas, Pete on guitar. 

joan RIBAS 89 copy

Joan Ribas; 1989

Joan Ribas, Dj Pippi y Alfredo principios de los 80 en la cabina vieja de Pacha Ibiza copy

Joan, Pippi, and Alfredo; Pacha


Leo Mas & Alfredo, Amnesia

max (Massimo) copy

Massimo “Max” Zucchelli


DJ Gerardo; Ku

pippi and joan amnesia 1985-6 copy

Pippi and Joan Ribas; Amnesia, 1985 / 86

My beautiful picture

Glory’s; Reggae Party, 1978


Toni Vicente; Glory’s, 1978 – I’m posting this one, just in case you bought the book and thought it was Joan Ribas.

glorys car 78 copy

Glory’s; 1978 – I’m posting this one just because it`s so fucking cool.



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