Dr Rob / A Decade Of Thanks

Putting all these lists together, trying to summarize the last year, and the past decade, has, of course, dipped my toes in the sea of nostalgia. Couple this with the success of the Ibiza Interview booklet, and I have paused to take stock – only for a moment -before moving forward. 

I`ve been thinking about how over the last ten years the internet provided me with a platform. One that led to opportunities, and friendships, and how sometimes, when I was even luckier, the virtual produced something physical. So I drew up a final list – of “Thank you”s – to those who’ve helped along the way:

Bill Brewster at DJHistory for the spark, the means of connection, his continued support. 

Jez Cash_or_Exchange, Horse Latitudes for welcoming me to the net. 

Paul at Test Pressing for that platform. 

Trevor Jackson for packaging his Metal Dance in my “prose”. 

Phil South for trusting me to ink the sleeve notes for Spike`s Orange Cloud Nine. I nearly – nearly – got to do the same for DJ Nature’s Return Of The Savage. 

Timm & Ampo at Is It Balearic? for letting me construct White Isle-inspired “tone poems” for their albums. 

Max at Jansen Jardin – who somehow convinced Bear Funk to go with the short story I wrote for the jacket of Won Ton Sunset.

Dean and Ben at Rogue Cat Sounds for relying on me for their press releases.

Miles for letting me have a crack at a Wonderfulsound. 

Victor at Ekster who allowed me to – hopefully – add to his label`s art. 

Matthew at WARP, and Red Snapper, for saying “make it as out there as possible”. 

Roisin Murphy and Chris Butler.

Mark & Pete for giving me a shot at describing what goes on at Hostel La Torre.

All the folks that “pumped” the Flying pieces. There are more acid house love songs to come. This is what I really want to do. 

Experts like Phil Mison, Chris Galloway, Sean Johnston, Nancy and Leo, who generously share their memories, and answer all of my daft, nosey questions. 

All the artists, DJs and musicians who patiently submitted to “exhaustive” fan-boy interviews. 

Neil at Electronic Sound for the nagging, the editing – and the chance. 

Dan, Steve, and Xerxes at Potatohead. 

Ed at the One40five Store, Phil Calvert and Sidewalk. Julia at Global Vision. 

People like Sharon at Shine, Duncan and the crew at 9PR, who push loads of great stuff my way. 

To all the labels who so kindly share their wares. 

To everyone who checks Ban Ban Ton Ton – especially those who get in touch and leave feedback. Andrew, Chris, Martin, Miguel, Scarlet, Spencer – happily too many names to realistically mention. 

To back up these thank yous, below are links to the mixes that accompanied all those end-of-the-year lists – available to download for a limited period.

2019 Favourites

Looking For The Balearic Beat / A Decade 

Chocolate Milk & Brandy / Ten Years Of Cocktails & Sunsets

For me 2020 starts here. Here’s to the new, the next decade. 

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