Bullion / We Had A Good Time / DEEK

If Bullion’s Blue Pedro was a mad nod to Mike Oldfield, via Durutti Column, then O Vermona constructs a computerized chamber music from his trademark wonky keys, tremolo and slide. He sets We Had A Good Time`s rueful reflections on the random nature of  love`s lightning strikes slow dancing, solo, at the disco – fending off tears between the sparse syndrum pops and claps. Cinema Down is cool, kosmische electro. Its tempo twitching at a deceptively techno tilt, metered by Kraftwerk`s metronome. Its melody manufactured from a dizzying maze of microtonal orbits. Hula hides subtle social commentary behind the sighing harmony and echoed wash.

“Are people in pain where you are?”

Mr. B reprises the cut as a gently percolating, syncopated sang froid to close the E.P. Underling the songs apparent theme – the need to forge ahead, despite of, and ignoring the obstacles. 

Bullion’s We Had A Good Time E.P. was released on Friday, February 28th. You can click and purchase in a variety of ways here. 



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