Andrew Weatherall / End Times Sound / Byrd Out

I imagine Andrew Weatherall`s Unknown Plunderer a pirate. Splicing the mainbrace and hoisting a Skull & Crossbones on uncharted sonic seas. Navigating by the stars though a musical minefield of excitable explosions – as they pan from the left, and from the right. The tune`s title also quite possibly a reference to its magpie-like looting of mulitple genres. Wedding sub-bass growl, shortwave and sonar blips, with clipped rockabilly chords – those coming care of Ride`s Andy Bell. The resulting hybrid purposefully pissing off purists and doffing its cap – chapeau! – to the post punk funk of 400 Blows and the decon / reconstruction Mad Professor dished-out to their Declaration Of Intent. A Black & White Mix-Up in full Technicolour. 

On the flip, End Times Sound is an anthem. The theme to a defiant march through UK austerity’s return to Dickensian darkness. Retracing haunted dancehall formations and footfalls, past the disused clock factory, no longer belching smoke, with a determined thud, and the odd burst of disco bongos. A pulse defended by blasts from home-made Heath Robinson lasers. A steam-punk Sci-Fi score for a war of worlds where the Joe Meek mavericks shall inherit the Earth. Guitars atonally ringing. Their fretwork moving between Link Wray rumble and snake-charmers song. Mirrored by melodica. Lord Sabre`s old timbales de-cobweb-ed, tap-tap-tapped and echoed. Dropped into digi-dub wise, east of The River Thames. 

Due the sad news of Andrew`s untimely passing the vinyl for this sold out in a blink, then the re-press went in less than that, but digital is available, over at Byrd Out. 

Reference Links

Declaration Of Intent

Haunted Dancehall

Clock Factory


Joe Meek

Link Wray

Lord Sabre

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