Lilipulu / Four Amazing Tracks / Growing Bin Records

Lilipulu`s Four Amazing Tracks is an E.P. of new music from Moscow care of Hamburg`s Growing Bin Records. The results of an improvised jam session that led by the label`s mastering engineer of choice, Sergey Luginin, plus friends DJ / photographer Ivan Pustovalov, and Sasha & Sergey from Simple Symmetry. Capturing moments where tribal drums mate with machines, and gamelan gongs get spun backwards. Big beats are scratched and bongos and congas are go-go-esque. A1 is simply mad percussive. The sort of thing you might hear played at Düsseldorf`s Salon Des Amateurs, alongside the ancient / future rituals of The Durian Brothers and Montzeuma`s Rache. A2 is post-punk strummed funk. Ringing out on tight Psycho Killer strings. Riding a rock solid bass-line, as (Miss) Modular synths strut their 70s sci-fi hot stuff. B1 pinches Sal Principato`s cowbell and bangs out a disco mutant, part Japan’s EP-4 and part Frenchman, Ramuntcho Matta. Its hook consisting of a whistling riff, scythed by an electric axe. In contrast the closer has its sequences sing like a chorus of horny night birds and insects, while treated, fragmented vocals float on new age clouds.  

Reference Links

Simple Symmetry

Durian Brothers

Montezumas Rache

Psycho Killer

Miss Modular

Sal Principato


Ramuntcho Matta

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