Cantoma / Into Daylight / Highwood Recordings

A Night At Apres-Midi – no doubt named after the Tokyo chill-out institution – comes with congas, horns and keys. Hitting you with a warmth – like instant sunshine. Blowing a breeze like Herb Alpert early doors at Nicky Siano`s Gallery. Out on the floor, spinning beneath the balloons, as guests arrive – as the party begins. Violin and flute romancing hushed male and female harmonies, that recall previous Cantoma highs, Gambarra and Clear Coast. Another Place is Doobie Brothers / Michael McDonald-esque rock-ier pop. A careful, handclapping, arrangement of woodwind, electric, and acoustic keyboards. Closer’s clarinet takes a sleepy stroll through the white-washed walls of an idealized “unspoilt” White Isle Old Town. Amidst seductive new age sequences, bumping into and  hello-ing Christa Paffgen, as she cycles past, Terry Thomas, Clive Crocker, and Michele Breton. Kasoto`s kora duets with flamenco guitar. Kinda like Ketama`s classic collaboration with Toumani Diabate. Space For Us starts out describing a world for lovers, a couple rapt only in each other. But as the groove builds its lyric extends to include family and friends. Imagining a place for all. Apt in these times of distancing and absence. 

Verbana vibrates with the excitement of barmy, balmy balearic nights. Its bongos, bass, joyful Joanna and gitano strum dancing in the open-air, under stars and palms – and around a mirrored pyramid. The Mountain is a shush of Shoom-ing calm. Art Of Noise`s Camilla or Crusoe. Cool, blue brass, electric solo, and poetry, drifting on a sea of shakers, cowbell and talking drum. The blue-eyed Back Into Daylight – sung by my amigo Quinn Lamont Luke – signals re-entry from a long journey into night. Perhaps nursing a slightly sorehead, some guilt and regret, but also a strong resolve to make amends, to make things right*.

Phil Mison`s fourth long-player as Cantoma, Into Daylight, is released today. You can purchase the digital and pre-order the vinyl here.

*Yep, I know that feeling.

Reference Links

Herb Alpert


Clear Coast




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