Jon Sa Trinxa / Born Balearic / Chill Out Tent Film Screening

I contacted Jon Sa Trinxa just after New Year. I’ve been working on a book project and Jon`s definitely in the last chapter – as the balearic beat forms, explodes and then returns to The White Isle. For obsessives like me, who want to get at the roots of the thing – who’ll pour over the playlists of Massimo at Pacha, Jose at Es Paradis and Alfredo at Amnesia – people like Jon – who are keeping the original balearic spirit alive – can often get over looked. While it​s important to understand the history, its also essential to support what`s going on now. 

Jon Sa Trinxa Born Balearic Portrait

I`d heard a few stories about Jon. That he`d worked in the city, had a good job in London, but that when acid house hit in `87 he “dropped out”, went traveling. That he ended up in Ibiza, was hit by a car, and then rescued and brought back to the Sa Trinxa restaurant in Las Salinas. Where he stayed, and has DJed for over 25 years. Really I just wanted a quick chat – to fact check – maybe add a little more detail – the odd colourful quote. Perhaps hit him for a top ten. 

Born Balearic Jon Sa Trinxa corn field

Jon was on his way to Thailand, where I think he still is – due to the pandemic and movement restrictions. He was polite, receptive, but couldn’t be pinned down. Then I realized that there’s a film coming out, Born Balearic, documenting Jon`s life. That for him to answer my questions would be counterproductive. That everything I needed – and more no doubt – would be there, in the movie. 

Born Balearic Jon Sa Trinxa Ibiza Round about

Fortunately the documentary will get its first screening this Sunday, as part of Chris Coco`s Chill Out Tent – Around The World event. An ambitious undertaking that will present 24 DJ sets from 24 cities over 24 hours. Circumnavigating our globe via music and video between Saturday June 20th and Sunday 21st – the summer solstice. Like everyone else of a balearic bent I`ll be glued to the screen, especially for Jon`s bit. In my case with pen and paper and zoom recorder in hand. Born Balearic features intricate sound design – weaving the weather, landscape, and fauna of Ibiza – around some 70 pieces of painstakingly selected – and licensed music. So have your headphones ready. 

Born Balearic 8x12

Born Balearic / Global Screening Times (June 21st)

UK – 7PM
NY – 2PM
LA – 11AM
Mexico – 1PM
Europe, South Africa – 8PM
Thailand – 1AM
Goa – 11:30PM
Japan – 3AM

You can find out more about Born Balearic here. There’s a Facebook page for the Chill Out Tent here. You can stream directly care of Live From Events – where the full line-up is also listed. The event is free – no fee – everyone is welcome. 

chill out tent around the world poster

In a COVID-19-generated coincidence, a week ago I was lucky enough to meet Born Balearic`s director, Lily Rinae. Lily usually calls New York home, but right now is trapped here in Tokyo. She’s been making use of her time filming a series of fictional shorts at – the currently closed to the public – Bar Bonobo, in Harajuku. Chris Coco is a mutual friend, and so I guess through serendipity, he suggested that Lily also capture a set by me, Max Essa, and Ken Hidaka – the Lone Star crew – as part of the Chill Out Tent – Around The World event. We’re on at noon, Sunday, UK time; 8PM – cocktail hour – if you’re in Japan. There`s a really nice interview with Lily over at the House Culture website. 

chill out tent poster japan

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