Shaw & Grossfeldt / Klavier / Drone

Three key lines counter each other. Scurrying sequences in mounting complexity. One of them stumbling as the trio pick up momentum. While synthetic sighs wow and flutter in the spaces between. Creating classical techno, rather than classic techno. Murcof`s Matres is the closest comparison I have. 

Shaw & Grossfeldt`s Klavier consists of seven variations that spin out from sparse Satie-esque gymnopedies to “funky alternatives” and back again. From asymmetric patterns of aural rainfall, collaged calm, to industrial thuds and tribal drum rattle. A banging headlong charge through strobe-lit rooms full of statuesque dancers frozen in the flashes. Caught in a dark, obsidian dance of say the Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, O Yuki Conjugate, Cut Hands. The tattoo of the Durian Brothers Overexposed Scream Contest. Rolling through filters. Cutting through glacial pads. Leviathan low-end blasts bellow below sustained string drone and bell-like cascades. Mistreated muzak loops mix with shuffling military snares in a hypnotic air of mechanized marimba. Cross-faded MMA cage shaking beats creating a trance-inducing express train. A pounding Maurizio-like techno march. Suffused with orchestral echoes and phased, fizzing, percussive dubwise detail. 

Shaw & Grossfeldt`s Klavier is available through Richard Fearless` Drone. If you’re ordering via Bandcamp try to wait until Friday, July 3rd, when they are once again waiving their fees – furthering their support of artists and labels in these testing times.

Reference Links

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia
O Yuki Conjugate
Cut Hands
The Durian Brothers

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