Twilight Sad / No One Can Ever Know / Fat Cat Records

This is where a bit of my Bandcamp money went….Originally released in 2012, obsessives like me have been waiting a good while for a vinyl repress of The Twilight Sad`s No One Can Ever Know. Not least for the fact that it was “Anti-Produced” by Andrew Weatherall. I’m not sure what anti-produced means. Maybe it`s suggesting things be taken away, rather than changed or added. Which might explain the album’s stripped back dynamic. Built as it is from big blocks of synthesizer noise. Broad epic brush strokes that darkly colour its sad songs that hint at cheap affairs, infidelity, heartache turned to hate. Icy, urban Martin Hannett-esque atmosphere`s that have the doomed defiant romance ringing in your ears. Axe grinding away, angular. Rhythm section, muscular and matching the anger. Interzone riffing, Motorik rocking. Northern souls keeping on keeping on behind lyrics near screamed in an unashamedly local argot. With a bard-like rolling of the Rs and burning bright with the intelligence of Stephen Patrick Morrissey before the fall. Guarding a light that never goes out. 

Recounting stories of lovers paired-off in tawdry every day violence. Domestic and casual. Childhoods troubled by short tempers in red-misted rooms. Love and lust, fighting and fucking, all mixed up, confused feelings, in bruised broken pugilist poetry. Plays for yesterday, today and tomorrow. For the forgotten. Narratives of frustrated new town youth kicking against concrete cul de sac dreams to techno`s 4 / 4 boom. Rave`s release turned a dervish dance of electronically arpeggiated hi-energy melancholy. Stadium-sized themes for sink estates and failed cities.  

You can purchase a copy of The Twilight Sad`s re-pressed No One Can Ever Know directly from Fat Cat Records. 

Reference Links

Martin Hannett`s atmospheres
Interzone riffing
Motorik rocking
A light that never goes out
Stadium-sized themes

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