Please Help Jose Padilla

Jose Padilla is unfortunately unwell. This couldn’t really come at a worse time, since a hospital right now is the last place anyone would want to be. And then, as with the vast majority of people who make a living entertaining folks by playing music, after 5 months of lockdown and no gigs, there`s the additional worry over medical bills. 

Jose Padilla was brought up on a farm in the south of France, but (mis) spent his youth on the streets of Barcelona. By the time he was 16 he was DJing for Pacha, in Lloret de Mar. Then in 1976, prompted in part by Barbet Schroeder`s movie, More, he set off for Ibiza. As far as pioneers of the “balearic beat” go, Jose was one of the first to arrive on The White Isle. He hosted parties at Pacha, and held a residency at Es Paradis, over a decade before he became king of the sunset at the Cafe del Mar. 

For most young people – if not white-haired old fogeys like me – the Cafe del Mar and Jose`s tapes, “chill-out”* were / are the entry point to the term / idea / concept / genre of balearic. The point where most people get hooked and then start to dig deeper. So it could be argued – and I often have – that in the 21st Century “public awareness” of balearic might be less than zero if Jose hadn’t got that gig in Cala Des Moro, sold those tapes, put together those comps…So anyone playing, or listening to, chill-out / balearic sets in 2020 owes Jose at least a little I reckon. Well here’s where you can give something back, express your gratitude, and help at a time when Jose needs it most. 

I know everyone`s money is currently too tight to mention but, if you possibly can, please make a donation towards Jose`s  treatment via his GoFundMe page. 

Phil Misons Cafe Del Mar Tape Collection copy

*Did “chill-out” even exist before Jose soundtracked those Cala Des Moro sunsets? 

Big thank you to Phil Mison for the photos.

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