New Horizons / Worm Discs

Bristol`s Worm Disco Club launch their label with a round up of local talent. Bands such as Waldo`s Gift, Snazzback, Run Logan Run, and Ishmael Ensemble, who inhabit jazz` New Horizons. Collectively rocking Reich-ian repetition and sped-up, stop / start breaks. 6-strings that shimmer in showers. B-lines which grumble and growl. Contributing tracks of increasing intensity. Frantic fretboards. Everything frantic. Making a music as heavy as hardcore, advanced math rock meets drum and bass. Players coming together in controlled, but cathartic climaxes. Solos crying like Eddie Hazel mourning Maggot Brain. Shades of the Purple One in the sharp, clipped, funk. A distortion that detonates impenetrable metallic musical walls. Hitting rhythms with a mighty levee-breaking thud. Reeds spinning in psychedelic spirals. Insane circular riffs driven by impossible breathing. I might call this “punk”, based on its energy – if the playing weren’t so perfect. 

These breakneck chases and frenzied shreds share space with sweeter, acoustic moments. Modal ballads. Horns who calmly sketch Miles` Spain – with balletic “toreador and toro” like duets. In between there are interludes. Hallucinogenic hazes of woodwinds, drones, and talking drum. Stuttering, glitched guitar. 

Bass blows woofers. Cymbals are smashed. Kit meeting out military tattoos. Axes angular and angry. Saxes shouting, then screaming. Leading the charge into battle. Venting frustration, confusion, feelings that we all have right now. Where words might trip you up, tie you in cliche and contradiction – be used as tar for feathers – these are raw screeds of free expression. Pure.

Vinyl is due at the end of the summer. You can pre-order a copy here. 



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