A Man Called Adam / Magnificent 7s

A Man Called Adam have loaded their Bandcamp page with some brand new booty. Displaying their playful side on a digital series of 45s. Nine pairings of Magnificent 7” radio edits, dubs, and often radical reworks of tracks from the duo`s acclaimed Farmarama long-player. Version excursions supplied by themselves and a few talented friends. 

Flipping highlife juju with authentic Jam Down skank. Crazy cowbells, mad Moogs, with flying cymbals, King Tubby`s style. House that harks after the classic cut-up jazz of Chicago`s Cajual, partnered with borrowed old school hip hop breaks, beating beneath a bellowing Buchla. Jitterbug jive for the fleet of foot stitched together from seamless loops, and broken boom-bap backed marimba and techno tones. Bumping brass-blasted funk awash with windchimes, seabirds and Spanish guitar. Deconstructed cumbia, pan-piped, rivers of bass, and sleazy cosmic pop – the sort of thing you`d find at a Parisian flea market – before folks like the Red Light Records crew, and my mate, Qpchan, Hoover-ed up the lot up. Euro disco confectionery sung with a saucy French tongue to a squelchy boogie b-line. Camp italo that go-go dances on a podium installed on that balearic-italo intersection. Groovy gospels of gated melody, where the bottom-end is boosted to absolutely barmy levels, and saxophones get serrated into asymmetric be-bop. Nods to post-punk in their collective jump and genre-hopping.

In the main you’ll discover soft-focus dancers suitable for sunsets and 3AM talc`d floors alike, but there are also a couple of moments when Dr.s Rodgers and Jones get academic and give you a glimpse of their more abstract sound design. Like on the live take of Top Of The Lake – imagine Dead Can Dance trapped deep inside Christian Fennesz` machines. Or the strange, shamanic, Shed Session shake of Spots Of Time. A kind of musique concrete of circuit chatter, industrial clank and collaged re-arranged words. Which seems to pay tribute to the original `50s beat poets as its syncopated rattle builds like the ghost of some great jazz drummer. 

On the friends front, Felipe Gordon surrounds Mountains And Waterfalls` house heartbeat with filtered wow and flutter. A 303 blowing raspberries around its Chet Baker Almost Blue horn. Aleksandir sets Higher Powers racing, skipping. Pausing for a breakdown of bubbling bleeps. Fast flowing, hypnotic, aural aqua. Carrot Green drags Ou Pas down a lysergic rabbit hole. Another of Roland`s silver boxes snapping, snarling at its heels. Prins Thomas sends Paul Valery… spaced-out into orbit. Tumbling, tribal, percussive, to the “constant rocking of the reckoning”…life`s tides of “I win, I lose.”

Farmarama Magnificent 7s

You can order these Magnificent 7s directly from A Man Called Adam. 

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