Shcaa / No Moon At All, What A Night / Apollo

What drew me this record, Shcaa`s No Moon At All, What A Night, were the reverberations I could hear of Prince Rogers Nelson. They’re there in the abstract, jazzy arrangements, glitched funk, and purple whispers. In the the duets where male and female vocals are almost but not quite perfectly superimposed – the effect recalling His Royal Badness` tete a tete`s with his alter-ego Camille. The listener caught in the schizophrenic overlap, and distracted by the kinda haunted, possessed edges. They`re there in the loose beats and the stoned electro squelch. In the considerable chops of Shcaa`s crying electric tremolo shapes. 

Other musical touchstones are 4AD`s admittedly Prince-influenced Inc., while the lovelorn If You Fall lands somewhere between Yves Tumor and Lewis Taylor. Yves is invoked again on the eavesdropping electro-acoustic echo of Sometime. But it`s not all downtempo slow-hand licks. The record also races in places to a forceful dub techno throb. Thumping faux contrabass flows full of fizzing SFX. Siskor strips this back to a tough and jacked shake, akin to Moodymann`s lean house bounce. The effortless fidget of those irresistible remixes of Controversy’s Let’s Work that did the rounds in the 2000s (Peter Black, Dark Dancer….). The voices now fractured and cracked – the busted boom of a party going off in the next room. Fantasia is molten, languid, liquid machine funk, carried by clipped Minneapolis chords and a muffled kick. A conference of rogue droid chatter, blips and bleeps. Aurora is aching ambient sound design. The neon colours of midnight rainbows – the stars reflected in city rain and gasoline. A non-binary Blade Runner blues. A broken replicant ballad, where treated guitars are run backwards, and something alien scurries in the synthetic shadows it throws. 

Shcaa`s No Moon At All, What A Night will be released by Apollo Records on October 9th.

Reference Links


Yves Tumor 1

Lewis Taylor

Yves Tumor 2


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