Shida Shahabi / Lake On Fire / 130701

Shida Shahabi`s Lake On Fire comprises of three primarily pipe organ shorts – sometimes accompanied by analogue synths – plus one solo piano piece. All composed for Jennifer Rainsford`s Sci-Fi film of the same name. Where the organ`s hum seems to “shine”. Its wheezy but calm breaths resonating with low-end vibrations fit to shake the soil. When twined with the vintage voltage oscillations – the two voices sighing in sync – the resulting fugue summons brief seas of sonic tranquility, before being stretched, made to fly to higher frequencies, and towering atonal heights – as if abducted by aliens, sucked out into space. A disappearing dot in an expanding, expansive dark. Their celestial reverie awakened by alerts, alarms, sharp blasts of keys, a rush of activity. Like morning`s end to evening`s dreaming. Fixing finally on a moment of dancing to the uneven, busy, click clack of acoustic peddles. The rhythm of the push and pump that powers the score`s graceful glide. Much like a ballerina at the bar, hour after hour, turning, turning, on painful toes, to perfect her illusion. Spin the magic. Cast the spell. Light the world with a little wonder, a glimpse of another realm. The beauty on the surface masking the work and toil beneath. 

Shida Shahabi`s Lake On Fire is available digitally directly from 130701

RIYL Stars Of The Lid, A Winged Victory For The Sullen.

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