Guest Review / Moonboots / Common Saints / Idol Eyes

Musical selection and words by Richard Bithell aka “Moonboots”. 

I fell out of love with music earlier this year. Lockdown should have been the perfect time to listen to tunes all day long but apart from that first couple of weeks, I found I couldn’t concentrate. Music just annoyed me so I retreated into Netflix and Amazon Prime for the Summer. Then the new / old It’s Immaterial LP came out and everything just turned back on. Right up to eleven. Great music is exactly what’s needed right now. 

So onto Common Saints. I know nothing about them apart from one of the five tracks on here is called Lovesong. If you know my predilection for those two words – or in this case, one – you’ll understand my interest. 

Unfortunately it’s not one to add to my list but it’s a stunning track nonetheless. Nine minutes of mellow and soulful beauty. One to throw on and nip to the bog knowing full well it’ll still be blissing out anyone listening. Summer Sun is probably my favourite track on here. Beautiful sax and that vocal! I used to have a tape of James Holroyd playing at the Café del Mar years ago. This would have easily slotted into that set. I can almost feel the sun again! Finishing off this side is the epic Secret Song. A gentle percussive groove topped by spacey keys and a proper guitar solo. Another one for the sunset.

Flip it over to the title track and it’s ‘Wanna make love, wanna get high’ chorus and jazzy guitar. Wow. Just wow. I seriously love this. What a head-nodder!  After that, we hit Letting Go, with its great, soulful vocal and killer chorus. Again stunning. 

This is pretty much a flawless E.P. My old friend Siba used to talk about ‘pancakes’. Records you could leave on and flip over,  knowing every tune was flawless.

This is a pancake!

This is a beautifully produced record. 

You can purchase Common Saints` Idol Eyes in your preferred format here.

You can follow Richard on Instagram – @bocamoonia – if / when you do you’ll quickly understand the Love Song reference. 

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